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March 22, 2013
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It had been a complete hassle to get a room in a decent inn that night, though somehow the devious captain had his ways much to his oceanic companion's oblivious nature; Rupert didn't even catch the innkeeper's shocked expression at point blank range, let alone anything else. Then again, he was still trying to get accustomed to walking on his own two feet let alone anything else. He sat on the small but cozy bed and looked about the room, idly kicking his legs.

"There's so many interesting things here," he hummed merrily, "it's so lively, heh"
The high statured captain pulled his gaze from the shabby old window with a view of the horizon; the silver orb leaving surreal brush strokes of light on the ribbed waves. A dazed look cloaked the captain's shadowed face, his hat only providing light on his lips as a smug little grin pulled at his lips. "Very lively indeed, I'm glad to see that you're so merry~"

The little blue merboy grinned himself and giggled. "Of course I am!" he beamed happily, lifting his chin to try and get a look at the taller man's eyes under the shadow that cloaked them. He arched a brow slightly, his lips curling into a further smile as he continued to search the captain's face, not even realizing he was doing it.

"I mean... learning all of these things, and with you especially, it's all so exciting!"
Daniel raised a brow and cocked his head abit, gesturing for the merboy to approach, trying to lure him with the curl of his fingers. "With me? Why is that?~"

Smiling, Rupert rose from his seat and approached the captain slowly, his bare feet leaving the floor in slow, dragging steps. "W-Well you are very kind to me," he started, looking down for a moment with a very fond look gracing his cheeks. "And you're patient with me too, and you just really make me happy I guess... I'm honestly not too sure." He stopped when he was under the other's shadow, green eyes flicking up to him. "I just love being with you"

The captain pivoted on his heels, catching the small of Rupert's back in his gloved hand as he pulled the bubbly creature closer to his chest. "As do I...” He breathed, the former smirk on his lips spreading into more of a grin. "It's funny really, how once I believed that the only love that I could have would be for the sea and all her beauty." He whispered; thumb caressing Rupert's cheek gingerly before taking his chin and tipping it up.

Rupert placed his delicate hands at the captain's chest when he was pulled closer, a little smile on his lips. His lips then parted slightly when he felt those fingers at his chin, and soon he found his eyes staring directly into the captain's. Blinking slowly, he tried reading them as he wet his lips slightly and gave a cheeky grin.

"Well, I did come from the sea," he pointed out with a little giggle.

"Well... then would you be opposed at all if I asked you to be my ocean?" Daniel asked in a purr, leaning in to close the gap just so close as to feel the boy's breath on his lips. The sounds of laughter and drunken babble outside fading into the background as the captain rocked from side to side gradually with his precious gem in his arms.

As he leant in closer, Rupert couldn't help but take a deep breath, his chest rising slightly. He could just feel the skin of Daniel's lips at his own, feeling very much teased by them lingering there. It took him a little while to actually process what he had asked, but his little smile returned and his eyes became locked with his captain's. "I would not oppose at all - I will be all of your ocean for you"

There was a pause as the two stood in silence, eyes locked, clothes wrinkling beneath the pressure of being held so close; all before a single sigh sailed past the brunette’s lips and he leaned in to close the gap and steal away the merboy’s lips--  Just as he’d stolen his entire livelihood. Though this catch was very different from everything else, none could match in comparison. These were his and none would even dream of having them or they’d suffer the penalty of being tied up with their own entrails and tossed overboard.

A tiny squeak escaped the blue boy's lips, but he melted instantly into the kiss. He moved his hands from their brace at the captain's chest and up to his cheeks, cupping them gently. In his chest he could feel his little heart race, though it wasn't entirely out of nervousness but excitement also - of course being stuck in the salty depths he'd not had an experience like this with anyone; though he'd heard stories and occasionally saw couples on the beach whom he'd envy from afar. But now he could say he was most content, and to share it with Daniel... it was strange but everything to him felt so right.

It felt like the night had swept over them in those few seconds before Daniel pulled back and pulled the boy up from his feet to walk over to the recently made bed. Trying his damndest to not completely let go of his morals and kiss every inch of him… atleast not tonight. After kicking off his boots, he leaned over the mattress to set the boy down; hovering over him with his fingers curling into the wool covers.  “Don’t let me get away with anything that upsets or gives you cold feet. Understood?” the captain instructed seriousness evident in his tone as he gave the merboy a comforting smile.

Rupert felt something strange in the pit of his stomach, like a swarming sensation that he'd honestly never had before; but he'd be lying if he claimed to dislike it. He looked up to his captain as he rested him on the bed, ears perking a little as he spoke. Though he didn't really quite understand at the present time, he knew that'd he'd most likely get the message soon enough. He smiled softly, noting the comforting undertone in Daniel's own smile. "Ok, I understand," he answered softly, reaching up to brush his fingers at his cheek.

With that, the captain leaned in to peck the boy’s lips yet again before he pulled his hat from his head and spun it off towards the middle of the room; just trying to get it away as he crawled over Rupert and wriggled beneath the blankets.  It seemed as if he were just dropping it like that, but not a moment later he wrapped his arms around Rupert’s waist and pulled him up against him and rested his chin on the boy’s shoulder with a yawn. “Let’s sleep now, luv’…” He whispered before closing his eyes and allowing sleep to unfurl around his reality of that day.

Rupert smiled over his shoulder fondly and closed his eyes, nuzzling his cheek into the pillow and curling up tightly beside his captain. "Yes..." he whispered in a sweet tone, soon realizing just how tired he was and shortly drifting off into a heavy slumber.

For hours, the pair slept peacefully without much disturbance other than the occasional shift to get comfortable. The window had been left open a tad to allow in the fresh salt air and cool the room. However, after those peaceful hours passed by, something - or much rather, someONE - had appeared by the window, staring at the pair inside. The glint of metal indicated that it was a blade that the figure had used to assist in his crafty prying of the window. He pressed it open gently and crept inside, tip-toeing over to the side of the bed where the slumberous pair lay. Only when his eyes landed on the captain did he grimace a moment, but soon the grin he held the whole break in returned and he reached a gloved hand out slowly towards the blue haired merboy.  

Of course, the pressing of a gloved hand to his mouth made the oceanic boy stir. He groaned and opened his eyes groggily, expecting to find Daniel there - but the sight of a menacing, unfamiliar face made his eyes widen; Just as he opened his mouth to scream, that gloved hand pressed hard to his mouth and a hissed "hush" escaped the intruder's lips, which he held his blade up to. It then only took him seconds to scoop up the panicking boy and flee to the window - disappearing off into the night.

There was a slow knock on the door, interrupting Daniel from his slumber. He waited for a few minutes, scowl growing darker when the knock came again, this time harder and louder. His brow furrowed and his golden eyes peeked out from his slit eyes, though they were quick to pop open with surprise once he’d seen that the boy he’d distinctly remembered snuggling with the night before was no longer where he left him.  An arm shot up as he knuckled his eyes, trying to pull his consciousness together while he tried to think – the knock grew more persistent and impatient, only scrambling his thoughts further and making his scowl return.
"What?!" he hissed.
The visitor on the other side of the wooden door paused a moment before daring to open it, eyes wide as if not expecting to see Daniel there in such a foul mood. It was one of the men on his crew; a tall man with dark cocoa skin who was usually seen in a red bandana and black trousers. He was rarely seen wearing a shirt since he was far too proud to cover his canvas of tribal tattoos covering his torso and arms.

“C-cap’n? Ar you hung over? We’ve been’ waitin’ fer hours”, the man began – shaken up by the glowering brunette who sat in the bed with only a blanket covering his suspected nudity.

Daniel’s eyes narrowed dangerously. "Where’s Rupert? Have you seen him...? I order you to comply."

The man's eyes shifted nervously. "Rupe—Ah! The blue haired lad? Nay, I ahvent cap’n. “ The dark skinned man paused a moment before raising a finger as if he’d just caught a memory swimming around the fishbowl he had for a brain, “Actually, I think that I saw him I did! Walking with some raven haired bloke. Yeh, I think I recognized im’—“
The man was interrupted by Daniel however; the fuming brunette who’d leapt out from the covers and grabbed both his white blouse and his flintlock which was sitting in one of his boots.  “I don’t care if he thinks he’s the bloody prince of Persia! He’s got what’s mine and NO man steals from me and is allowed the luxury of breath!” He rasped, sounding more hysterical than furious; it was a rare sight to see the man in this state for usually every emotion was masked by a feisty trouble hungry façade.

Meanwhile, across town away from the infuriated captain, Rupert found himself being pulled along by last night's intruder.

The man was almost as tall as Daniel was, though he seemed to lack in the physical strength that Rupert's captain held - and not to mention his skin held a nasty red glaze to it from the harsh sun. The merboy's eyes looked about frantically as he tried to find a familiar face, someone from Daniel's crew if not the man himself, but honestly when on the ship he had his focus aimed entirely on the captain and not his crew. By now, he was certain he would have to escape, but the crafty raven man had a blade pressed to the small of Rupert's back as they walked and would whisper deadly threats to him occasionally as he lead him down towards the docks - a triumphant smirk appearing on his face the closer that they got.
"Please..." Rupert squeaked softly, staring up at the intimidating fellow with earnest eyes. "Just let me go ba--"

"If y' wish to keep that tongue, boy, I suggest that you shut up those lips," the thief snapped at him, pressing the blade into his back a little more. "And quicken your pace," he barked, giving him a small shove forward, "he'll catch up with us if you don't move those legs, boy."

Rupert grimaced and sent a hateful look to the blade-bearer, wrapping his arms around himself and trying to get some small protection out of it; he'd walk even slower if it meant that Daniel's pursuit would quicken. "Who are you... why are you doing this? What do you want?" the merboy asked, much to the raven haired man's annoyance - he'd asked the same thing numerous times throughout town and it earned them some questioning looks when they were meant to be discreet. Rolling his snake-like eyes, the man spun around suddenly and moved the blade up to the boy's lips, pressing the metal against the inside of his cheek. "I'm supposing you don't want this tongue...?" he asked smoothly, low rumble in his voice.

"N-No - Please!" the merboy blurted, unable to control the shaking fear rising up in his chest. Shortly, the raven pulled back and pushed him onward yet again. "Then remain obedient"

He'd never felt so angry in his entire life. He was furious. Not even-- He was absolutely, positively livid. One look at a civilian with a weak heart and they may as well just go ahead and pay the undertaker a visit.

The captain practically sprinted from the Inn and nearly made it halfway to the docks before a few of his men caught up to him – one being the dark skinned one who’d woken him up and was persistent to get him to atleast put on his boots instead of dashing about town with no shoes and a gun in plain view.  It took loads of reasoning before he impatiently obliged before continuing on his war path through town; he’d sent the lot to wait for him by the docks and to make sure that no ships left harbor while he scathed the town top to bottom in search for his precious merboy.

A few gasps and closing shutters followed with his passing as he tore through the crowds with haste, fleeting glances of worry and fear made their way at him every now and again; most of the people who even saw him probably had thoughts or ideas that he was either running from the constable or looking for full-on bloodshed.

It wasn’t long before the golden flecks for eyes spotted the mass of blue locks; his hurry came to a sudden halt, heart-rate struggling to keep up with his sporadic commands. Though while his mine and thoughts caught up with him, his eyes narrowed ferally on the figure behind the blue haired boy, recognition hitting him like a bullet to the face. How could he not remember that despicable peeling red tinted flesh? He bit his lip hard, hard enough to make the surrounding skin tint white as he casually approached, sure to keep any unwanted attention away.

Rupert kept his head low as he was pushed nearer towards a particular ship, eyes looking around frantically for any sign of help or escape - though as far as he could tell none could be found yet. What was he going to do? The blade that made his back sore was keeping him from barely moving fluidly let alone anything else. Just as they made their way closer, the raven haired man stopped, as though sensing something. He grabbed at the boy's shoulder and held him tightly as he looked around with a harsh scowl; something wasn't right, he could practically smell it.

Someone’s description of wrong could always be someone else’s description of right however, a deadly sneer was making its way across the captain’s lips as he carefully brushed his way through the crowd; fingers readily curling around his gun as he drew in from behind.

A few moments of anticipation passed them by before there was a bone chilling click of metal from behind the thief’s head,
“Not one movement or your little catch is going to be covered in the contents of that ghastly head of yours.”

The threat didn't even seem to affect the raven at all. He simply blinked and glanced back over his shoulder - though he could not fully see his offender, he knew full-well who it was and just why they'd stopped him. A long, cold smile came about the man's lips and his grip on poor Rupert didn't let up at all, in spite of being at gun point.
"You certainly made your way down town very quickly, and here I was hoping to see your pathetic face watching me sail away with your little beauty," he said cunningly, pressing the blade into Rupert's back a little more and making the merboy yelp. "Perhaps he's more valuable to you than a simple fuck, then?"

The tension between them was so great, so intense, that the villagers around them cowered in the presence of such ferocity and even some fled for their homes as to not witness the possible gore. Bright golden eyes glared hard into forest green ones, Daniel’s lips parted and taut as he ground his teeth somewhat.

The captain’s brow furrowed, “What’s it to you, Scum? All that matters is that you've taken something that is rightfully mine.”
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