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This box may or may not solely exist as an excuse for me to put this picture on my page, or maybe to make sure that my page evens out and isn't uneven. The world may never know.
To start things off, I'd like to explain that I have a very elaborate range of things that I like to express through my art. A large portion of what I post are characters from a in the works webcomic that my friend and I have been planning, a tale of pirates roughly in the 1700s, while the rest of my works can vary from original character fluff, the rare anomaly of fanart, commissions, and my practicing new things to expand my palette of what I like to draw and am capable of.

This is a little disclaimer as forewarning as to avoid any surprise or shock while viewing my work: It it perfectly likely that you will see me drawing gore, macabre themes, smut, various potential triggers, violence, things involving foul language, death, etc etc. I also really dig space and pirates as two separate themes mind you. They're hella.


U r god
Fri Aug 22, 2014, 9:13 AM
Fri Aug 8, 2014, 9:21 PM
Fri Aug 1, 2014, 3:30 AM
You are literally my biggest inspiration u_u
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 6:19 AM
You shall forever be OfficerNipples to me. Even if you did never give a straight answer to my proposal :'(
Tue Jul 15, 2014, 11:54 AM

Pssst hey, hey listen! 

7 deviants said COMM-MISHY-MASH - help it's an emergencyBasically, I need money so I can support myself and pay for additional costs in that as I have absolutely no money at the moment and I seriously need some help. Furthermore, I want to keep my enbyfriend Captain-Hotpants here as long as possible ;<;- soherewegopleasehelpI'llloveyouforever~

- Only send me payment once I've said 'yes' to your commission, after that I want payment and then I will get to work on whatever it is you want
Paypal ONLY - I cannot afford points anymore 
- If you need to discuss the price a little (i.e. round the number off more since I had to convert from pounds to dollars) then I'll discuss it happily, but these prices are pretty much set for the time being //no cheaper sry but these are pretty swell prices in my opinion :iconimsotiredplz:
Please note to also to NOT send money under the 'good/services' option as that will deduct money from the account <
6 deviants said They don't even charge very much for em eitehr and are alot swifter at arting than I am - trust me, they are where it's at ;;
4 deviants said We're still kind of in an 'emergency commission' situation and need to raise about 50£
2 deviants said So where I'm going with this is that, BlubberBooty is taking commissions ;<;
1 deviant said Because I need to change my flight ticket which unfortunately costs quite abit, but I have like literally a week left before it's too late
No deviants said so here take a gander, they're reaally mint and don't get many very too often, but they really deserve it >:'Y


PAN | Androgyne | student | ♈
17 Years Old
Artist*Digital Art

Hi, I'm Pan I'm here to pimp your ride.

I've been interested in art all of my life and I strive to improve in digital media. Yes I've had my ups and downs in the past, but from here on out it will be smooth sailing -- with shipping ships, messy colours, and inside jokes. I do appreciate criticism as long as it is constructive -

in other words, don't be a dick and we'll get along just fine.

My art style mostly bounces to and from colourful hot messes to bleak monochromes -- but it really varies with my mood I guess. Yeah...My watchers are under the impression that I've an obsession with butts... and I am okay with that. OTL




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WOW YOUR ARTWORK IS SO AMAZING:iconsparkleeyeyuiplz:
ehehe sorry ;//v//;
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Im so shy and stuff but I wanna be your accquaintence if thats ok with you.
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If you note me, we can chitchat uvu
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Oki :3
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You should try for streaming  8D
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is it free?
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Yup, it has an awesome image quality, you can play music and use the microphone if you want  o v o
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